27 April 2011

L.D.P Consultation.

The consultation for the L.D. P deposit plan has now closed and from the feedback that I have received over the past few weeks, it is obvious that many residents feel quite let down by the whole process. I attended a meeting in Dwygyfylchi recently on a Sunday afternoon and there were over 250 people in attendance.  Some of the sites mentioned could actually have C.P.O 's enforced and some sites have been put forward without the landowners knowledge according to the presentation . This is not an acceptable way of engaging with the local community and again there is simply not the need for the actual numbers proposed. We will be calling a special Council meeting to discuss these figures and sites earlier than the proposed timetable of July and it is hoped that some of the leaders of the various community groups will be invited to attend.  I do hope though that party politics will be kept out of any future deliberations because this is probably the most significant policy matter that will be dealt with by C.C.B.C for many years.

I will also be calling on the new W.A.G  for a pause and review on the Aberconwy L.D.P in it's entirety, so that there is a more considered housing quota, which is based on clear evidence as opposed to the current guesstimates.

Will keep you updated with the progress on this.

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